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Yaser Mustafa Kassar Biography

Full Name: Yasser Mustafa bin Yassin Kassar

Birthplace: Damascus, 1956

Yasser Mustafa Kassar graduated from the Engineering Institute at Damascus University. He established Kassar Centers for the treatment of incurable diseases. He has extensive scientific and practical interest and experience in alternative medicine schools that rely on pressure therapy, including acupuncture, Shiatsu, Soki, and Chiropractic.

Through his personal experience, he has treated cases that were unsuccessful with renowned doctors worldwide. He discovered the impact of the spinal column on all organs, glands, and the head, leading to headaches, limb pain, and many unknown causes of diseases and pain.

He explained the relationship between the spinal nerves, sympathetic nerves, and parasympathetic nerves, and their function as a unified system, thereby influencing the brain and treating disabilities. He developed a map of nerves that explains and treats many incurable diseases.

Yasser Mustafa Kassar has delivered numerous lectures at cultural centers in Damascus, Aleppo, and Latakia. He presented at the 6th Syrian-French Medical Conference on Neurological Diseases. He published a book titled “Kassar Logy” in 2005 and launched another book called “The Puzzle of Incurable Diseases and Prevention” in 2008, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture.

His Kassar Logy research has been published in various newspapers, magazines, and websites, and he has a dedicated website: www.ksr-logy.com. He was honored for two consecutive years at the Arab Innovators and Creators Conference and Festival, under the patronage of the Syrian President, the Jordanian monarch, and with the continuous support of the Arab League.

Yasser Mustafa Kassar has achieved significant accomplishments in the treatment of disabilities, including complete healing by the will of God. A French medical team described his work as a complement to the deficiency in medical sciences. His knowledge has been hailed as a revolution in the field of medicine.

At Kassar Centers in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey, he has treated over 40,000 difficult and chronic cases, with 45% of them completely healed and others showing varying degrees of improvement. It’s noteworthy that these were cases that failed to respond to treatment in medical schools around the world.

He was honored with the title of “Ambassador of Tolerance and Peace” in 2014. In 2015, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Tolerance and Peace Organization, presented by Sheikha Farha Ahmed Al-Sabah.

Yasser Mustafa Kassar has contributed to supporting the Kuwaiti Alternative Medicine Association. He conducted training courses, starting in Kuwait at the Kuwaiti Medical Association, and later established permanent training courses in Istanbul.

He was honored with the Union of International Universities medal and membership by the Union’s president. A memorandum of understanding for cooperation was signed with Yalova University, and preparations are underway to teach Kassar Logy for two academic years.

Entering the phase of global expansion, he established two centers in Istanbul and Kosovo. He is a member of the International Organization for Complementary Medicine.

Yasser Mustafa Kassar
Kassar Logy Founder
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