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A Paradigm Shift in Medical Understanding and Healing

(And they ask you about the Spirit. Say, “The Spirit belongs to the domain of my Lord; and you were given only little knowledge.) Al-Isra’: 85

Humanity still suffers from stubborn and chronic diseases, isn’t that due to a lack in our medical sciences? Wouldn’t it be natural that if the true cause of the illness is known, the patient would recover and be relieved of pain? Isn’t it logical that the disease persists because the true cause is unknown, despite the existence of scientific theories in this regard? Should we idolize and revere scientific theories as people did in the Middle Ages with the works of Galileo Galilei? Or should we continue searching for the hidden causes that have led to the complexity of these cases?

We have come to understand the role of the nervous system and its pathways that were previously unknown. It has become evident that these nerves play a central and influential role in the body’s organs and systems, being a real cause for many stubborn and chronic pains and diseases. Based on these valuable discoveries, a reconsideration may occur regarding medical explanations, treatment protocols, and the true mechanisms of recovery across various medical schools.

This is what we offer on this platform, in the hands of those seeking healing and relief from their suffering, as a service to scientific research through a different perspective concerning cases that have defied complete recovery. The vision has proven its results over more than a quarter of a century, with thousands of cases that had lost hope for relief, and the recovery rate exceeded 80% by the will of God for those who persevered until the end of treatment, and it was lower for those who discontinued prematurely. The most heartwarming results were seen in disabled children and individuals with special needs, where approximately 35% achieved complete recovery, and most others showed varying degrees of improvement. The earlier the intervention, the better the outcomes.

Indeed, God is the ultimate Healer and the Source of assistance.

Yasser Mustafa Kassar

Treatable Chronic Diseases

Migraine And Headache

Research and experience show that most of those who suffer from headache or migraine pain have latent pain in the spine that they may not feel and is inferred from the neural pathways.

Spinal Pain

Spinal pain is shrouded in a lot of mystery, and this was confirmed by a study conducted by George Washington University with research groups and studies conducted in Sweden over a period of ten years.

Intractable Ear Diseases

Kassar Logy can now treat many difficult conditions in the ear, such as: vertigo – dizziness – tinnitus (Streptus aurium) – hearing loss or deafness – Meniere’s disease – difficulty in balance – inflammation.

Paranasal Sinuses

The paranasal sinuses, according to academic medicine: A form of air-filled cavities surrounding the eyes and nose and found within the bones of the skull. They are connected to the nasal cavities through small openings.

Ocular Diseases

It has been proven practically through Kassarology that there is a close relationship between the nerve exiting between the first and second cervical vertebrae on the one hand and the eyes on the other hand.

Heart Diseases

It was found that many heart diseases and its symptoms have a spinal nerve origin, according to two spinal nerves that emanate from the thoracic vertebrae (pp. 8 - p. 9) (pp. 9 - p. 10), and it has been proven practically that these two nerves are the causes

Chest's Diseases

It was found through Kassarology that the nerves emanating from between the thoracic vertebrae (upper back) - (P4-P6) have a direct effect on the lungs

Throat pain, pharynx and oral cavity

Qasarology confirmed that the nerve emerging from the cervical joint (C6-C7) has a direct effect on the larynx and tongue, while the nerve emerging from the vertebral joint (C7-C1) affects the pharynx, oral cavity, and larynx.

Liver and skin diseases

Kassarology treats these diseases by: Freeing the root of this spinal nerve that comes from between the twelfth thoracic vertebrae and the first lumbar vertebrae from the right side, while massaging its path up to the liver.

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I came to the Kassar Center suffering from severe pain in the head, spine, feet, and pain in the eyes.
After several sessions, the feet began to gradually improve in the spine, and several pains remained
Sessions on the neck, and now, thanks to God Almighty, I have finally recovered from all the pain.


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