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The festive festival in the Hall of the Handicapped Administration 2010

In the presence of Sheikha Intisar Al-Mohammed

and some members of the National Assembly

And all directors of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor

International Service Company established

In cooperation with the Deira Al-Khair volunteer group for people with special needs

A festive festival in the Handicapped Administration Hall.

In the presence of members of the National Assembly and the former Minister of Education.

Researcher Kassar, Director of International Services and Director of Public Relations of Al-Khair Voluntary Group, delivered a speech on ways to improve the health status of the disabled, especially young children, and the mechanism of developing the social relationship of their interaction with society.

The exemplary mother of the handicapped was honored, and mothers who made efforts to serve the disabled were honored.

Most of the Kuwaiti audio-visual media reported and talked about it with interest, especially since this conference will be annual and seeks a fruitful program of work, God willing.

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