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International Service for people with special needs

The speech delivered by researcher Yasser Mustafa Kassar

Within the entertainment festival held in Kuwait by a company

International Service for people with special needs

Under the patronage of Sheikha Ibtisam Al-Muhammad Al-Sabah

I came to you from Damascus; The beating heart of Arabism

I carry in my arms a bouquet fragrant with hope, and important tidings for our brothers with special needs, and before I talk about what these tidings are, I must talk about a new science that we have reached with the grace of God Almighty, and it is based on new discoveries in neuroscience; The role of spinal nerves and their causes of chronic diseases and pains that academic medicine could not explain and treat.

Thus, it became possible to reach a cure for many diseases and pains that many have always suffered from, such as:

1- Migraine and all kinds of headaches.

2- Chronic infections in various organs of the body; such as sinuses – tonsils – pharynx – chest – asthma or (tank).

3 – The intestinal system – the urinary system – gynecological infections, and others.

4- Spinal pain – extremity pain – some cases of paralysis.

5- Developing a neural map of the spinal nerves and including them along with the cranial and vagus nerves; Where the role of these nerves and their work as one integrated group became clearer, which made it easier for us to give an idea of the movement of the nerve impulse in the body and its poles entering and exiting the brain.

This information has resulted in the grace of God Almighty; This led to the recovery of a number of disabled children who suffer from the consequences of brain damage: such as hypoxia – cerebral atrophy – premature closure of the sutures – cerebral palsy – and others.

The results of complete recovery and significant improvement rates were in children under the age of one and a half years, and the improvement rates became lower in children over this age.

As for adults, they may get a percentage of improvement, and it is possible, God willing, to alleviate the pain that some suffer from.

This flag was established for it in Syria, and Kuwait was the first stop on its way to spread in the world.

Finally, I would like to thank Sheikha: Intisar Al-Muhammad Al-Sabah for her sponsorship of this festival.

I thank the volunteer committee: Our mission is our monastery and its president; Brother Ibrahim Al-Mashouti, Vice President; Brother Ibrahim Al-Bower, for all their support and facilitation in organizing this festival, and I thank everyone for their attendance.

Representatives of all local newspapers and six television channels attended the festival.

Among the activities of the festival was presenting gifts to people with special needs and some of the attendees.

Sheikha Intisar was also honored. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Mashouti; And giving them the shield of the festival.

On 7/30/2009

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