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Honoring researcher Yasser Kassar at the Festival and Forum of Arab Pioneers and Innovators, Damascus, 2008

The Minister of Culture, representing the President

Dr. Bashar Hafez Al-Assad

The researcher is honored: Yasser Mustafa Kassar

By awarding him a certificate of appreciation with a shield

Festival and forum for Arab pioneers and innovators
The Arab Creative Pioneers Festival and Forum honors a number of creators – Damascus 12-24-2008

Quoted from Alif Ba Syria website
The Festival and Forum of Arab Creative Pioneers concluded this evening at the Sahara Hotel, by honoring a number of creators in various fields

Dr. Riyad Naasan Agha, Minister of Culture and Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Muhammad al-Khamlishi, and artist Sabah Fakhri, head of the current session of the festival, honored the honorees with shields and certificates of appreciation.

In the field of scientific innovations, Dr. Yasser Houriya and Yasser Kassar from Syria were honored. In the field of literature, Hanna Mina from Syria, Ali Khamis Fardan from Bahrain, Dr. Abdullah Bashrahil from Saudi Arabia, Asiya Al-Buali from the Sultanate of Oman, Walid Abu Bakr from Palestine, Huda Al-Nuaimi from Qatar and Sheikh Fadl Mkhadr from Lebanon.

In the field of journalism, Jean Alexan from Syria and Nabil Al-Sharif from Jordan were honored. In the field of radio and television, Awatef Al-Haffar from Syria was honored.

In the field of theater, Karam Walid Ikhlasi from Syria, Issa Al-Hamad from Bahrain, Abdulaziz Al-Hammad from Saudi Arabia, Fathiya Al-Assal and Samiha Ayoub from Egypt.

In the field of cinema, Karam Duraid Lahham from Syria, Ibrahim Al-Dossary from Bahrain, Abdul Muhaisen from Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Khan from Egypt, and Al-Moncef Al-Suisi from Tunisia.

In the field of singing, Karam Mayada Al-Hinnawi from Syria, Khaled Al-Nasser from the Emirates, and Lotfi Bouchnak from Tunisia.

In the field of plastic art, Karam Nazir Nabaa from Syria, Hassan Al Mulla from Qatar, and Abdul Rahman Al Suleiman from Saudi Arabia.

In the field of TV drama, Khaled Taja from Syria, Naji Al-Tantawi, Muhammad Al-Mufarreh and Abdulaziz Al-Hammad from Saudi Arabia, Jassim Salem from the Emirates and Anwar Abdullah from Bahrain were honored.

In the field of informatics, Amr Salem from Syria was honored. As for the field of thought, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sayed and Abdel-Qader Al-Daqaq from Syria and Hamdi Qandil from Egypt were honored.

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