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Honoring researcher Yasser Kassar at the Arab Pioneers and Innovators Festival Jordan 2009 and establishing the Arab Medicine Association

Honoring researcher Yasser Kassar

At the Arab Pioneers and Innovators Festival

Jordan / 2009 AD

The Arab Pioneers and Innovators Festival concluded its work by honoring some of the participants. Among them is the researcher Yasser Mustafa Kassar, whose efforts, in coordination with the Secretary General of the Festival, led to the introduction of Arab medicine to the activities of this festival.

The honor – the shield of the festival and the certificate of appreciation – was presented by the delegate of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Speaker of the Jordanian Senate: Taher Al-Masry, and the Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Professor: Muhammad Al-Khamlishi.

The meetings of the Arab Medicine Committee were fruitful and resulted in announcing the beginning of the establishment of the Arab Association for Arab Medicine.

The Arab Medicine Committee reviewed the reality of Arab medicine, the difficulties and obstacles that stand in its way, and the attempts to marginalize and cancel this great science, which provided the world with a lot of medical sciences and contributed to the establishment of many medical schools in the world, especially modern chemical medicine. the following:

A – Establishing the Arab Association for Arab Medicine – Alternative – at the level of the Arab world.

Among the goals of the association:

1- Restore the natural position of Arab medicine.

2- Researching the roots of Arab medicine and showing its history and contributions.

3- Searching for ongoing and new bids for the people of the Arab world

4- Studying how to benefit from new discoveries and innovations and building the future of Arab medicine – alternative.

5- Checking Arab medical practitioners and assigning them to the Association.

6- Appealing to universities and research centers to assist in scientific research.

7- Assisting members of the Association in accessing scientific research and documenting and recording their innovations and discoveries.

8- Work with the competent authorities to prevent intruders to this medicine from practicing the work.

9- Work to benefit from patents.

10- Cooperate with universities specialized in medical sciences by exchanging information and supplementing it with new sciences.

11- Seeking to obtain regular certificates and licenses for practitioners of Arab medical work – the alternative

12- Benefiting from the experiences and expertise of peoples in alternative medicine from a scientific point of view and the means that led to organizing this work and communicating with associations and organizations concerned with alternative medicine.

B – Organizational work:

1- Preparing the paper documents and forms required for the work of the association and the placement of its members legally.

2- Forming a preparatory committee to prepare for the establishment of the association, prepare the rules of procedure, and follow up on the decisions.

The committee consisted of the following members:

Researcher: Yasser Mustafa Kassar, Syria

Dr.: Fouad Ghali, Iraq

Mrs.: Najah Baaj, Syria

Mr.: Ahmed Abdel-Majid Al-Zuraiqi, Yemen

Doctor: Noha Al-Sadiq Ahmed Al-Sudan

Dr: Badia Al-Youssi, Morocco

Doctor: Hussein intruder Saudi Arabia

Professor: Ramzi Naasan, Agha, Syria

Mrs.: Mona Hamza Al-Attas, Saudi Arabia

The committee hopes that the management of the Forum and Festival of Arab Pioneers and Creators will present our recommendations to specialists in the Arab League, and follow-up procedures will be carried out with the rapporteur of the Preparatory Committee: Mr. Yasser Kassar.

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